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Enhance Labs is based out of New Delhi and was founded to provide New Age Digital Environment & Experiences as solutions to clients, across spectrum. We offer fully integrated solutions for unique user experiences that are innovative yet natural, intuitive and easy to use. We create experiences that break down barriers and seamlessly merge the physical with the digital world.

Having realized the growing importance of Digital media in today's environment, Ajay Mahajan (Founder-Enhance Labs) started this venture after researching on and understanding these technologies and only after developing required expertise for creating Digital Environment solution for clients, to create the "WOW" factor.

Enhance Labs R & D team also works on specific out of the box client briefs to make big ideas possible, with tailor-made solutions.

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Ajay Mahajan (Founder)
Enhance Labs
M : +91-98910 06402
E : ajay.mahajan@enhancelabs.co.in